BTS with Sezen June
Portraits for album cover
Still Photography for sci-fi anthology episode "BUG"
Written & Directed by Tim Hyten
Cinematographer & Creator MacGregor
Still Photography for promotional trailer for horror film "RABBIT"
Directed by Nathan Catucci
Produced by Obscura Pictures
Still Photography for feature film Susie Searches (2021)
Directed by Sophie Kargman
Produced by 141 Entertainment​​​​​​​
Daniele Germani Quintet - What Reason Could I Give? 
Pre-recording rehearsal 
Shot in 35mm film
Roma, Italia​​​​​​​
Stefano Battaglia Quartet - The Best Things in Life are Free
Studio recording
Paolo Colagrossi Quartet 
Recording session
New Jersey​​​​​​​
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