Who We Are is Near

A talented bunch got together to make this video. Most of them studied at Berklee College of Music, and are currently killin' the jazz scene of NYC. A few I also consider part of my New York family. I created the TV Man's head from scratch using repurposed materials including cardboard, plastic sheets from old school materials, a photo frame found by the trash, ruined brushes, bottle caps, and the plastic tray of a package of small paintings. All final details were done with acrylic paints. Scroll down for the making of! Their instagrams: @justino_musico @deepfrieddrums @dan_ger_mani @miriamelhajli @danaegreenfield @gcbassist.

Concept: Daniele Germani, Giuseppe Cucchiara
Starring: Giuseppe Cucchiara
TV Man Prop Costume: Lía Rivera-Flaviá
Cinematography & Edit: Daniele Germani
Behind the Scenes from the making of TV Man's head:

First video by Daniele Germani
Timelapse making of TV Man:
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